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About us

The Lonely Planet Guide Limited is a limited liability company with a wide range of interests and carrying on business of real estate agency in all ramifications to act as estate managers, property managers, property developments, estate developers, real estate consultant, corporate managers, building consultant and to engage in allied business of all description to deal in any other similar business which the company might fine useful to enable it realize its set objectives through the use of highly skilled and experienced professionals.  The practical knowledge garnered in various fields of specialisation has enabled us to apply a wide range of professional skills to several other areas of interest ensuring maximum output and returns.

To complement the needs or resolve to provide affordable housing to the citizens of Nigeria, Lonely Planet Guide Limited(LPGL) was incorporated to take care of various real estate and opportunities in the country.

Our company however realises that for houses to be leased or sold within the reach of the average citizen of the state or country, sale and lease of properties must be undertaken with utmost care and professionalism, bearing in mind the intensive capital required for the procurement of properties and general property development. The effect of this is that an average citizen finds it extremely difficult to overcome the obstacles brought by problems of accommodation delivery in Nigeria.

These problems range from the restrictive land ownership system, to the cost of land and title perfection up to the sourcing of funds for its development. LPGL’s mission is to take this burden off the government, corporate organisations and individuals by packaging an effective property ownership scheme for individuals, corporate organisations and states of the federation.

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